Silk Stars Quilt-along Week 5 - Let's put that quilt together now!

Silk Stars Quilt-along Week 5 - Let's put that quilt together now!

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Welcome to Week 5 of the Silk Stars Quilt-along - the final week! Christine from Tessellate Textiles and I have had so much fun watching all of your quilts come together!

Today's blog will give you the final steps for the assembly of the Extra Scrappy Silk Stars quilt - a variation made available as part of the quilt-along.  In order to follow this variation, you'll need to purchase the pattern from Christine at Tessellate Textiles HERE, and read the previous blog posts for the variation instructions.

The final week - all of your hard work is about to pay off!  Let's assemble those quarter stars into stars and then a quilt top.

You should be starting off with a stack of these quarter stars:

Silk Stars Quilt - quarter star

Lay them out until you are pleased, but don't overthink this!  You are working on the Extra Scrappy version, so you want it to not look too purposeful. :) Just watch for too much colour clustered in one place.

Silk Stars Quilt layout

Start joining the quarter stars into half stars, pinning at the seam intersections so that the star looks like a cohesive unit and not all choppy. Press the half star units open and then assemble into full stars. Press again, and assemble the quilt top by rows and then into a whole finished quilt top.  It's really that easy and fast!

If you'd like a video presentation of this week's task, watch this:

Your finished quilt top is going to be a little larger - I made a miniature version so that I can use it to make a pillow!  Check out the back of this assembled pillow/quilt top - the back of tiny piecing projects make me so happy in their pressed perfection:

Silk Stars quilt - back of quilt

One more blog post next week as part of the Silk Stars Quilt-along with a look at how I make this into a pillow.

Until then!


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