Silk Star Quilt-along Week 4, Keep working on those HST!

Silk Star Quilt-along Week 4, Keep working on those HST!

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Welcome to Week 4 of the Silk Stars Quilt-along! Christine from Tessellate Textiles and I are having so much fun watching all of your quilts come together!

I gave you such a big job last week - I'm feeling a little bad. If you didn't get the half square triangles made, trimmed and pressed open.... it's really no big deal.  Keep working on that this week! But if you did make it through ALL of that, here are your next steps.

Silk Stars half square triangles

First, a reminder -  if you are making the Vintage version or Scrappy version from Christine's pattern, then you can find everything you need to know in there!  Purchase the pattern from Tessellate Textiles HERE

But, if you are tackling the Extra scrappy version, your half square triangles and quilt construction will have different instructions, so keep reading! 

When we left off last week, you had all of the half square triangles made and still organized in their sets.  At the end of last week's blog and video, I showed a sneak preview of how to sew those all together.  I'll show you in more detail now!

You can grab your stack of H2 background pieces and your sets of half square triangles.  Lay out the pieces like this:

Silk Stars quilt construction 1

Start joining the pieces together. First, the two blocks on the right side:

Silk Stars Quilt Construction 2

Then the three across the bottom:

Silk Stars Quilt Construction 3

Join the two hst to the H2 block:

Silk Stars Quilt Construction 4

And now the three piece to the block, completing a quarter star!  This is the only step that I pin to make sure that seams line up perfectly.  Up to this point, I  had just lined it all up really well.

Silk Stars Quilt Construction 5

There you go! Once you have this figured out, go ahead and chain piece a bunch together, making sure your half square triangles are connecting correctly to meet diagonally.

If you'd like a video presentation of this week's task, watch this:

See you next week!


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