June Round up - #QuiltersGoals2022

June Round up - #QuiltersGoals2022

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Okay. How did this happen... we are already half done with 2022?? I started this "Quilter's Goals" project at the start of the year to make sure I was focusing on more than just quilting goals. Each of us who quilt have full and complete lives, but social media usually only captures snippets of who we are.

At the beginning of the year, I chose three categories - Business, Quilting, and Running - to concentrate on and make sure that each month I was focused on growth and completion in each area. The plan was that it would help me NOT fixate on any one of those areas at the expense of the others.

It's worked great! There are some months that have been more heavily weighted on one area, but if I see that at the end of the month, it has prompted me to correct it in the next month. Well.... until June came and all areas got ignored!  But this is what happens in life, so I'll correct course in July, and you can come along for the ride of what filled June!

June has been the month that flew by the quickest - we started it off with a family road trip to Colorado,

Piece Fabric Co. family road trip

Where I tried to take as many photos of this quilt as possible:

Paint Lake Quilt using Warp & Weft fabric

This is the Paint Lake quilt, pattern by The Blanket Statement, made with Ruby Star Society's Warp & Weft collection.  It's not been made into a quilt kit yet.... do you need it? I'd love to help pull these together again - it's the perfect picnic quilt (or will be when I finish handquilting it in a few years, lol).

Next up was a special event at Piece Fabric Co. - we've expanded our fabric and notion products to include garment making supplies. An evening of tours through the warehouse was just what was needed to introduce these to our friends!

Piece Fabric Co. event

A Saturday spent at a our favourite fundraising event for Peace Country Wilderness Camp:

(picture a rodeo, where the kids play the roles of the animals - pull chuckwagons, entertain the crowd with their speed, etc)

Peace Country Wilderness Camp day

And then... the event that made June perfect... Piece Fabric Co.'s Autumn got married (to my son Campbell)!! It was a perfect day (well, maybe not weather wise, but we were prepared for that) - beautiful, fun, just wonderful in every way.  Here's the tent set up:

Wedding set up in tent

And, just for you, a sneak peek of their wedding photos, featuring their 1978 Ford:
(photographed by Morgan Mitchinson, see her work HERE)

Autumn and Campbell's wedding

But wait, there's more!  We had a quick trip to Kelowna (10 -11 hours one way) a few days after the wedding to drop off Scarlett at her summer job at Green Bay Bible Camp, and took advantage of the beautiful weather to get out on a motorbike for two days:

Nathan and Kendra

This last week has been full of trying to catch up from a very busy month and work on the quilts that have sat neglected!

Half Square triangles

Thank goodness for July! And thank goodness for all of you who have stuck around for this busy month - our shop has stayed steady and kept our staff busy.

Alright.... here I come July - watch out! 


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