Warp & Weft - Cactus Cross Weave

Warp & Weft - Cactus Cross Weave

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Warp & Weft Wovens by Alexia Marcell Abegg of Ruby Star Society for Moda

These absolutely charming wovens are some of the hottest fabrics right now.  Woven with a chunky texture, they bring interest and something extra to every project.  

You would be forgiven if you think that these Cross Weaves are just a solid, because I get it - this picture does make it look like that.  The Cross Weaves are much finer than the rest of the Warp & Weft Wovens, with characteristics similar to a regular quilting cotton.  But because of their unique construction, they have just a tiny bit more texture to them and are perfectly suited to be paired with the rest of the chunkier Warp & Weft Wovens or whichever other quilting cotton you are using!

1/4 Yard - 9" x width of fabric
Fat Quarter - 18" x 20"+
1/2 Yard - 18" x width of fabric

All "width of fabric" orders for the same fabric will be cut in a continuous length.  For example, if you place an order for two 1/2 Yards and one 1/4 Yard, you will receive a piece that is 1-1/4 yard x width of fabric. Confusing, right? Don't worry, I believe in you, you've got this. Email kendra@piecefabric.co with questions!

100% Cotton

44" Wide