Harte Quilt Kit - version 2

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This kit is perfect for the Harte Quilt by Riane Elise.  She is known for her clean-lined, modern designs, with an heirloom-worthy twist to make this quilt be one that you'll want to see passed on through your family. Her quilts are designed with soft neutrals; and while they would also look fantastic in bold colours, the bundle today pays homage to the unassuming nature of the quilt pattern.

The bundle is all Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in the following colours:


Purchase the quilt pattern here: https://www.riane-elise.com/shop-all/harte-quilte

And view Riane Elise's other goodness here: https://www.riane-elise.com/

Riane is releasing a new pattern EVERY MONTH for the next few months.  I've seen them.  They are GOOD!!  I'll have bundles available for them too.  Stay tuned.

And, as always, if you'd like a custom bundle put together for this quilt or any other project you have in your mind, please message me!  I'd love to help your quilty dreams come true.  :)  kendra@piecefabric.co or through Instagram or Facebook.