Essex Speckle Yarn-Dyed Linen/Cotton Blend - Dolphin

Essex Speckle Yarn-Dyed Linen/Cotton Blend - Dolphin

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This mid-weight linen blend is what you need when you want ALL THE TEXTURE. All of it.  Not only does it have that beautifully woven linen texture that you crave, it has specks of extra texture threaded throughout, creating a beautiful dimension for quilts, clothing, or other home projects.

If shrinkage is an issue, please wash and dry prior to cutting.  We recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry, but if keeping the original texture is important to you, please consider dry cleaning.

1 Quantity = 1/2 Yard; so, for example, if you want 1.5 yards, order a quantity of 3! Confusing, right? Don't worry, I believe in you, you've got this. Quantities will be cut in a continuous length.

68% Cotton/31% Linen/ 1% Polyester

44” wide

5 oz per square yard

This product pairs beautifully with the other Essex Yarn-Dyed linens!