Cotton Flax Prints - Navy

Cotton Flax Prints - Navy

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A sweet, vintage floral print on a rustic fabric - so good!!

This Cotton/Flax blend fabric feels like a cross between a canvas and a quilting linen – it has quite a bit of body and is stiff to start, but will soften up with use and washing.  Flax is the plant that linen is made from and many use the names interchangeably. 

Care for this product should mimic how you’d care for a cotton/linen blend – if used for apparel, pre-washing before cutting is highly recommended, with gentle care after.  If used for a quilt, follow your standard method of pre-washing or not, but expect a bit of shrinkage just like a quilting cotton

1 Quantity = 1/2 Yard; so, for example, if you want 1.5 yards, order a quantity of 3! Confusing, right? Don't worry, I believe in you, you've got this. Quantities will be cut in a continuous length.

80% Cotton / 20% Flax

43” Wide

6.5 oz/sq yd